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  •  When our founder, Jez, used his first belly board, he just knew this was special and he knew he wanted to share it with as many people as he could!


    So, experimenting in his garage, Jez produced his first belly board. After a few trial and errors he knew it was perfect…and it rode like a dream!


    Excited with what he’d managed to make, and fuelled with enthusiasm, Jez went on to produce another. And another. And another.


    His friends tried his sliders and wanted one. And then their friends. And their friends.


    Before he knew it Jez was churning out more boards than he could ever have imagined. And with a background in painting and decorating, every single one was finished to perfection.


    And that’s what makes Pierpoint Belly Boards special. Hand crafted and beautifully painted with passion and enthusiasm. And still in Jez’s garage (which we now call ‘the workshop’).

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